Do you remember the spark of joy you felt when you found something you want from bottom of your heart?

Something that makes you feel that it is made just for you. We want to create more of those once-in-a-lifetime moments filled with surprise and excitement. 

There are things consumers want that stores and companies, and even the consumers themselves do not know yet. We want to find those unknown “wants” and bring them to life. We will find seeds of new “wants” from purchase information and product information that exist across Japan. Such seeds will become new products and new services, leading to a new kind of lifestyle. 

Delivering the joy of finding new “wants” to every consumer. Delivering confidence in fulfilling such “wants” to businesses. Changing lives by identifying “wants” which have not yet surfaced in the world. That is our mission. 

Create what people “want” before they know they want it.


Do the impossible.

Do something no one is trying to do, instead of something anyone can do. We will create experiences no one has previously seen based on new ideas and proven technology, and build an exciting tomorrow. 


A company that creates new ways of life
TMN safely manages and connects the diverse data that exists in Japan.
Thorough connected data, TMN discovers new indications in the lives of people.
TMN creates new ways of life, such as products, services and experiences that meet the needs of consumers.


Wide view
Have a broad perspective and think about the lives of people in Japan.
Discover signs of new needs in life, shape them with ideas
Pay attention
Empathize with people and make the optimal proposal
Be trustworthy
Always have high ethical standards as a company that handles entrusted information
Stick to principles
Stick to our beliefs and do what we think is right.
Keep trying
Try doing something no one has done before without being afraid of making mistakes.